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Our cattery has been breeding Russian Blues since 2016.

A young Nebelung joins our cattery this year, 2023.


We wish you a nice visit on our website which is far from exhaustive but will give you a nice overview of this wonderful breed which we like so much ...



We also offer a feline behaviorist service


The Russian Blue is NOT a "hypoallergenic cat --> see Allergies section

The arrival of the kitten at your home is a moment of great importance.

This is the reason why, we guarantee and offer the best care to our cats.


Our cats and kittens are raised within our family and live with us. We take the necessary time to play with them and to pet them so that they become soft hearted, kind and affectionate.

We get them used to several noises in the house such as music, the television, the vacuum cleaner... even to our dog, Django, who watches them carefully. 


When it's time to leave, at the age of 3 months, we will have done everything we can to make them as sociable and as fearless as possible!


We also attach great importance to their health by choosing excellent quality foods (mainly Purizon, Cosma, Almo).


Our cats are tested IVF and FELV negative, and are vaccinated every year. Deworming and pest control are administered to them regularly.


We are registered with the Felis Belgica club (FIFE)

Dont hesitate to take a look at the page "Allergies" from this website


We sincerely hope you will get to enjoy the beauty and wonderful character of the Russian Blues at some point in your life.


our Cats


Sisley 1 year .heic
Rose 2ans.jpg

Sisley des Brumes Bleues,



THELMA 7 months.jpg

Midnight Des Brumes Bleues,
Rose's daughter

Midnight 1 year.JPG

Sakura (Aruna) of Edenborn

Sakura is a small Nebelung (Long hair Blue Russian). This one will be able to have kittens from spring 2024

our kitten


           The next kittens are for Spring 2024
Please, subscribe early on the waiting list if you want a kitten next year

Our conditions

I invite you to regularly visit our site or our Facebook page to find out the dates of the next litters.


I constitute a waiting list only with people  wants to reserve a kitten despite sometimes a delay of several months. I invite you to send me your full contact details and telephone number in the "Contact" section below.


I will reply, either by email or by phone.


To know the price of a kitten you can send me an email. I will reply within 24 hours.


Once the contracts have been signed and returned (after kitten's birth) if there is a withdrawal from your part, the deposit will not be reimbursed.


As soon as the kittens are born, I will send you news and photos regularly, so that you can follow their progress.

The kittens leave the cattery at 12 weeks full inoculated, microchip, neutered, legal guarantee, pedigree, health exam before leaving home, and a starter package.


When the kitten is at your home and a problem occurs (such as allergies...), we can take the kitten back in our cattery under certain conditions (see contract).


Thank you in advance for your trust!



 +32 (0)497 57 51 53


Thanks ! Message sent.

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